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January 26
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Winter Musings

Sun Jan 26, 2014, 3:53 PM by poserfan:iconposerfan:

Winter Musings

"Baby, it’s cold outside!" We all know this song, and boy, is that true! Ok sure, winter could always be worse, like in Siberia (ranging from -27° to -46°C - brrr :frozen:). US East Coast is ranging from +6° to -11°C (similiar for Germany - thankfully I'm in the plus area, but still brrrrr :frozen ). So go, get out the mittens & scarfs, the parkas - the thicker the better, the heavy boots, and so on...and then try to look stylish in winter clothes!

Winters like this  - with lingering snow & growing snowdrifts, freezing winds, chilly early morning temperatures barely above zero, and night temperatures falling below zero - reduce life to its essence :staying warm, staying fed, connecting with family & friends, keeping the TV remote or the computer mouse within reach. Noone goes out freely in this weather, only when one has to...getting to work/school and back home, getting groceries, walking with the dog (I'm so glad I only have cats!!),...

Weather forecasts states we must endure this icy weather for several more days and that with Groundhog Day around the corner!! So, pray for a nice cloudy day cause we really need the little fellow Groundhog Day not to see his shadow and to stay above ground, or do you prefer it otherwise???

Free Avatar: Potion of Winter by FantasyStockSnowflake 3 Icon - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Snowflake Avatar by Kezzi-Rose<da:thumb id="344118262"/> No.1 Snowflake by CitricLily Snowflake - Free Avvie by r0se-designs Snowflake 2 Icon - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Free Avatar: Potion of Winter by FantasyStock

How does it make you feel? by KeswickPinheadLast One Standing! by poserfan-pholioIce Crystals by nnIKOOFrozen by EliseEnchanted
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Snowman by ArtAndaTogether, we can do this! by HeliocyanDont you dare !!! by Petra3DSnow Family by Chris-Garrett
 Let it Snow by BrainfruitDay 354: Did you hear...? by poserfan-pholioLet it snow! by Anca-MihaelaThe magic of winter by pqphotographyWinter Musings by poserfan-pholio

Winter Spirits

Let It Snow by xmas-kittyMerry X-mas by NephylaSnow Queen by Trefle-RougeSnow Queen by HarpyqueenIce Queen by CynnaliaWinter's Stillness by WildWoodArtsCo
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Winter Literature

<da:thumb id="341819312"/>  Winter Blues HaikusI
Drunken snowflake dance,
stagger around the street light.
Someone call a cab
The cold air's biting
not like a crocodile
more like a puppy
Carve the silver lake
with graceful figure 8's
humble ice skater
Sub Zero wind chill-
snot freezes inside nostrils
hot air can't escape
Wave your arms and legs
give birth to a snow angel
then watch it ascend
Droopy carrot nose-
Melted snowmen have no pride.
The sun's a killer.
Goose bumps are moguls
and I will ski your body-
Olympic foreplay
Lonely lost mitten
resting by the curb in snow
abandoned youngster
hanging from the roof,
Icicles are winter's teeth
Come tooth fairy, come.
  Winter can never reach SpringSpring
Always inviting
Forever there to bring a stop to the cold
Scent mesmerizing, warmth intoxicating
Always wanted, always wished for
Always wished away
Tries to hold on, tries to steal the warmth
Always whisked away by the warmth of Spring
But always there
Wanting what it can't have
Grasping what can't be reached
A weapon in the night
A shield in the light
Always so near
But always destined to be apart
  Warm coldSmiling snowman...
Wind... spreading Christmas carols...
Cold can be so warm.

Winter Skins

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Winter Funstuff

Winter Blue - Sugar Cookies by theresahelmerDay 365: Holiday Truffles by poserfan-pholioFree Pattern - Snowman for Doors by MayEbony12 Days of Christmas :: 9 Snowman Truffles by cakecrumbsDay 10: Monchhichi by poserfan-pholio
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Snowman Avatar by xXMandy20Xx Free Square Avatar Snow by oOLuccianaOo Snowman Avatar by xXMandy20Xx

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4th in a series of journals featuring the 4 Seasons for Holidays These journals will come with a brief (or not so brief) editorial about the season in question and bring an art-feature on various art included in Holidays galleries and favourites along.
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