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9-11: A Tribute

Wed Sep 11, 2013, 6:38 AM
9-11 Tribute by LuckyBambooPhotos
Never forget.
forever remember,
never forget,
that day of september
we all regret.

9-11 is the day of sorrow and grief, of pain and loss. 9-11 changed the world. The younger ones may not know, those who where there, those who saw it on television were horrified, except the few who did it. 9-11 is the day the World Trade Center, better known as the Twin Towers, ceased to exist; Ground Zero was born. The War on Terror started on this day, and more than a decade later it's still going strong, even though the man behind all this was killed in May 2011(finally). But others followed in his steps and while the intelligence agencies may have prevented some further major attacks, the war, the terror is still going on.  2013, the 12th anniversary - here we are - heartbroken, but stronger than before.

9-11-01: The Facts

On this day in September, a series of four coordinated attacks was launched by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, lead by Osama Bin-Laden.
4 big airliners were hijacked to be used in suicide attacks;  the flights were
  • AA Flight 11
    • from Boston to Los Angeles  with 87 people and 5 hijackers on board
    • at 8:46AM it crashed into the North Tower of the WTC in New York City
    • the North Tower collapsed at 10:28AM after burning for 102 minutes; its debris damaged  and caused fires for 7 WTC
    • 7 WTC collapsed at 5:21PM
  • UA Flight 175
    • from Boston to Los Angeles with 60 people and 5 hijackers on board
    • at 9:03AM it crashed into the South Tower of the WTC in New York City
    • the South Tower collapsed at 9:59AM after burning for 56 minutes
  • AA Flight 77
    • from Washinton DC to Los Angeles  with 59 people and 5 hijackers on board
    • at 9:37AM it crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington County
    • the pentagon sustained  partial collapse in its western side
  • UA Flight 93
    • from Newark to San Francisco with 40 people and 4 hijackers on board
    • it was targeted at Washington DC; the intended target was the Capitol (according to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2002)
    • at 10:03AM it crashed into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania,  since its passengers tried to overcome the hijackers
  • 2996 people died in the aftermath of these attacks
    • 19 hijackers on the four planes
    • 246 people on the four planes
    • 2606 people in NYC (in the WTC and on the ground)
    • 125 people at the Pentagon
Media coverage was intense (worldwide) during the attacks and aftermath, beginning moments after the first crash into the World Trade Center. The following is a link to YouTube: Inside the Twin Towers - a documentary  which re-creates a minute-by-minute account of what happened inside the WTC on 9-11. Many more videos are available, many inclusing original footage, from the very first moment of the attack.

9-11: The Aftermath/Long-term effects

Bullet; Black The 9-11 attack led indirectly to the War in Afghanistan, beginning October 7, 2001
Bullet; Black Guantanamo Bay detention camp, commonly referred to as Guantánamo, G-Bay or Gitmo, was opened in January 2002 to hold inmates defined as "illegal enemy combatants"
Bullet; Black The WTC site was completely cleaned in May 2002
Bullet; Black The Pentagon was repaired within a year after 9-11
Bullet; Black The Department of Homeland Security was created in 2002
Bullet; Black 7½ short tons (6.8 t) of steel salvaged from the WTC were melted and used to build the USS New York
Bullet; Black Anti-terrorism laws were enacted in many governments all over the world
Bullet; Black  The new 7 WTC was completed in 2006
Bullet; Black  Several Memorials were build in Remembrance of the Fallen
Bullet; Black Thousands of people are suffering from long-term health problems related to the 9-11 attacks
Bullet; Black Sky marshals are now assigned to all flights; airport security was raised worldwide.
Bullet; Black Finally, on May 20, 2013, the new One World Trade center was completed; it's the tallest building in the Western Hemishpere at 1,776 ft (541 m)
Bullet; Black Three more buildings are expected to be built one block east of the original location of the WTC

9-11: Art & Literature Works

A Dads Poem       A Dad's Poem
Her hair was up in a pony tail,
her favorite dress tied with a bow.
Today was Daddy's Day at school,
and she couldn't wait to go..
But her mommy tried to tell her,
that she probably should stay home.
Why the kids might not understand,
if she went to school alone.
But she was not afraid;
she knew just what to say.
What to tell her classmates
of why he wasn't there today.
But still her mother worried,
for her to face this day alone.
And that was why once again,
she tried to keep her daughter home.
But the little girl went to school,
eager to tell them all.
About a dad she never sees
a dad who never calls.
There were daddies along the wall in back,
for everyone to meet.
Children squirming impatiently,
anxious in their seats.
One by one the teacher called,
a student from the class.
To introduce their daddy,
as seconds slowly passed.
At last the teacher called her name,
every child turned to stare.
Each of them was searching,
for a man
9-11I remember the day
As if it were now
I awoke to chaos
My only thought was of how?
The planes crashed
And the fires burned
People screamed
The city churned.
I was still so young
My innocent eyes did see
The attack clearly
Plastered on a T.V.
But when the day came
Did we remember
Those poor souls in Heaven?
Nothing was said
No memories awoken
To memorialize the dead.
The flags along the road
To try and remind
But everyone just passed by
To those deaths we became blind.
September 11, 2009
8 years have passed
But still that day haunts
And it's terrible how
We forget so very fast.
9-11People died and children cried,
Terrorists took citezens lives,
America recovered, although they thought they never would,
America recovered, because the citezens helped as hard as they could.
When those twin towers collapsed,there was debris all around,
And people jumped off the building with a horrible sound when they hit the ground.
Memories come in a flash,
but fly through the wind like ash.
So today on 9/11, lets remember those who were lost,
And the lives of which were cost.
9-11 Remember what happend on this day
The day of death
The day of sadness
The day of loss
And the day of tragedy
Remember what happend
because loss can make us stronger

9-11 - Moment Before Impact by J-Button9-11 by Kinarei9-11 by Coldstone02Tribute to 9-11 Twin Towers by texlerMarvel 9-11 Heroes Tribute by BlondTheColorist

9-11     "Everybody stay calm. We're heading back the airport." The voice was heavily laden with an accent. He sounded like he was from Saudi Arabia.
      I sighed and sank against the wall. A sense of dread filled my heart, and I could sense something horrible was to happen; for some reason, I thought I was going to die.
      With an irresistible urge I flipped open my cellphone and called my parents. I started sobbing as it finally found the signal and connected me.
      "Hello?" My dad's rich, deep voice filled the cellphone, emptying into my head.
       Forcing my voice to stay steady, I said, "Dad? Get Mom and put the phone on speaker phone. I have something to tell you."
       "Okay." I could hear rustling and Dad calling for Mom, the last time I would ever hear that.
9-11 RemembranceTears fell down my cheeks,
As I watched the people run,
Disappearing into the smoke,
Screams ringing in my ears.
The thoughts ran through my head,
But I couldn't gather anything,
I stood there as innocent people died,
Gave their life for something that wasn't true.
Paper and debris dancing in the wind,
Bloody faces came from the rubble,
Filled with horror and sadness,
Tears still fell.
Children clung to their mothers legs,
Asking why God let this happen,
Unable to answer they just held onto their children,
Praying quietly for the ones in the mess.
Sirens echoed over the screams,
It seemed like the people where moving in slow motion,
As I stood there and watched,
Keeping silent.
A man fell to his knees and called out to God,
Asking him to save him,
Did God answer?
Many of us won't know.
Many watched in horror as the towers fell,
Some in there homes as they started their day,
Not thinking that morning would be the beginning of hurt and war,
The beginning of a time of grief and dispare.
Understanding 9-11Understanding 9/11
Come take a walk with me
And we’ll explore the land of the free
And now hopefully you’ll see
The sadness that bothers me
It wasn’t many years ago
A little more than six
When my family suddenly became
A little in a fix
I was little then
Two years under ten
It was hard for me
To comprehend
My family was complete
Much love we still keep
But once a year
We feel a little defeat
Heck fell from the sky
Into towers of two
While I watched in horror
On the six o’clock news
I could hear my mother crying
My father holding her tight
As my body began to shake
It began to shake with fright
My uncle was on one of those planes
The pilot of plane number two
I wanted to ask for help
But I didn’t know from whom
Now I hope you understand 9/11
Uncle Mike, I hope you’re enjoying heaven
9-11Started has a normal day
It won't ever be the same
We can't forget the lives we've lost
Or the day we watched the tragedy
It's burned into our minds
We saw the buildings go down
A nation still in mourning
We can't save the lives we've lost
Ten years later and we're still mourning
For the lives that were lost
We watched families cried
They saw loved ones die
And we sat and watched
While the buildings collapsed
It's burned into our minds
We saw the buildings go down
A nation still in mourning
We can't save the lives we've lost
Ten years later and we're still mourning
For the lives that were lost
Still seems like a nightmare
To see the families in pain
Even after ten years
This wound it cannot heal
No matter how much time goes by
We can't save those innocent lives
It's burned into our minds
We saw the buildings go down
A nation still in mourning
We can't save the lives we've lost
Ten years later and we're still mourning
For the lives that were lost

To those who fell by Livinlow11September 11, 2001 Memorial by AtsukeA Tribute, 9-11 by crazycat-artistcommisioned 9-11 painting by cliffk

9-11When the call came- they did not hesitate;
They ran as if their very lives depended on it.
Rushing into the collapsing buildings without fear;
Trapped souls unlocked and released into the streets.
They climbed higher, searching for any left behind.
Even as the tower crumbled they did not give in,
They did not run in terror.
They sought out; they pushed on within the flames;
Even as they took their last breath of soot filled air.
Loved ones flashing in their minds one final time.
As the clock on the wall burned away, time ran out.
The attack of 9-11 claimed these heroes lives.
9-11 poemThe terror terrorism
spread, read all over
there is no criticism
it was a wrong doing,
insanity spread like ivy,
the thrive for hope,
how it rained ashes
that drained lives away,
for the ones who went fare well
the ones we cared for
we are not scared,-
what was once sacred in
In our hearts will forever
stand in the facade of the
memory that can't be shattered,
like water we must keep pure
and defeat this war of sadness
with happiness,cause our lives are
far from gone-
because we never stand alone.
9-11Screaming people,
calling their loved ones,
to say their final good byes.
UN-calm people,
there were tons.
Unfortunate people,
losing their lives to the suicidal men,
everyone weeps and cries.
People frantic,
there were more then ten.
With the plane down low,
people had no clue,
that this could be their last day.
With one big blow,
how could this be true?
It destroyed a tower.
People rushing,
was it an accident?
Unfortunately no,
as another plane hit,
crashing, crushing.
People running,
cops cars as loud as possible.
As the grey smoke takes over.
No four leaf clover,
could help the situation.
Running away,
from the billowing smoke,
UN-able to breathe.
As people choke,
this is no joke.
It's all over the news,
millions of miles away,
people are crying over a lost one.
Others blow a fuse,
out of anger and rage.
Schools are watching it all live,
little ones,
old ones,
People left dead,
idiots far away,
in their bed.
Not caring they killed tons,
happy, peaceful.
While the people o
9-11watch the grim reaper in the sky
the perfect blue palette torn
slow motion collision
see bodies falling like stones
this isn’t a thrill, it’s your reality
succumbing to the gravity
steel and smoke
a heap of stolen lives
human landfill
and watching the sacrifice as the plot unfolds
how did this ever happen?
the resounding hate from a jet plane
as a cloud of dust settles
folded hands pray
candles lit in the twilight
this date will ever be
not just written history
it’s a change in the face of a nation
we must carry on
knowing we've done all we can
but, why us? why them?
so suddenly the pages turned
an endless search for answers
until then just waiting for the day
we can meet them all again

Remember 9-11 by stargate4ever23Remembering those we lost... by Arie099/11 by thestyleofnostyle9.11 by hatlaczkiadam

Mature Content

9-11It's here again
That day of remembering
I don't really want to
Because I couldn't help you
I wasn't there to catch them
So I won't pretend to understand
But when I saw them fight for life
I felt in my heart a driven knife
Cause it wasn't a soldier
Suffering in that smolder
Just another human
But you didn't understand
So I'm here now shedding tears
Grief stricken after all these years
I will never try to hold it in
I will never commit that ignorant sin
So here's my expression of sorrow
And my hope for a better tomorrow
In Memory Of All Who Died 9-11Count down
The days for
The ones who
Sigh in sadness,
Looking down
Upon your feet
Meet the parents
Who carry a burdened
Toss the
Tears from
Your face
Race to
The scene,
A fearful
Look upon
Your face
Don't fall
Down, for
There's someone
Else who needs
You now
Cover your
Mouth with
Both hands,
Bend back
In shock
Send an
Email that'll
Rip a heart
Watch that
Plane fly
Into one,
An explosion
See the
Falling down,
One after the
Bury that
Black casket
In the ground,
Tears falling
The face of
Cry your
Eyes out
As you
Your little
Girl die
Find someone
To hug, to cry
On one's shoulder
Smoke rising
From the
Reboils, croke
with tears
Lay her favorite
Teddy bear at
The sight, promising
To remember her
The slight change
In wind threatens
To blow out the flame,
But it stands tall
It stands tall
To remember
The ones who
Died that day
To say "I'm
Sorry for what
Happened to you,"
Isn't enough
For anyone
Of use
Enough would
9-11 In Loving MemoryPRAY FOR THEM
pray the dream will never fade
pray the pain will go awaye
pray for our brothers
pray for our sisters
again and again we will say
God Bless America
This is for all the people who lost lives in a tragedy
That never should have been
For all those who lost hope
In things that should still be
This is something more then a war worth fighting for
Even though this war shouldn't have to be fought
People are fighting innocents are dieing
Life go's by without stopping yet time stands still
Because no one can tell the different nor do some care
Its hard to believe that good is still there
When shadows are all around
Fogging our minds with heart breaking crimes
& it feels like there's no place to hide
But don't let your eyes and ears deceive you
Listen to your heart and believe we can make it through.
For those forever trapped in the towers for those still flying in the air
for those who lost lives trying to save others and did not care
who were fearless

9-11 Tribute: Out of the Ashes by PirateYanna9-11 10 years later by RoseNightshade<da:thumb id="12051278"/>Heroes of 9-11 by MissMinda

Mature Content

9-11 by BlackSonshine
Captain America 9-11 Tribute by JoeJusko

.:9-11:.Each year this day comes
A time to remember the lives lost
Because of an attack
On their home land
Many died in planes
Others in buildings
But either way
A great sadness
Washed over this country
As we saw building fall
Planes came down
Still we weep for what was lost
More so on this day
Each year
Cause this is when
Our world
Our country...Changed
9-11Never Forget…
The lives that were lost.
The tears that were shed.
The pain that was felt,
with so many found dead.
The fathers, the mothers,
the lovers, the friends.
All who were met,
with such untimely ends…
five years ago
at 8:47
a plane hit a tower
our economical monument
now crumbled down to pieces and powder
leader blinded extremists
held all the power
A country so proud
our heads now hung down
The warnings we ignored
trying to prove we're not cowards
Look what pride gave us!
This day marked in history
I can't believe our stupidity
thousands of people
now watching us from heaven
this is how I remember
The day of September eleventh
9-11 TributeNever forgive,
Never surrender,
Never forget.
We were individuals upon morning,
A nation by night.
We stand up and fight,
For what we believe is right.
Cuz we know now,
Our nation is strong.
We know how,
It was because we were once wrong.
Now stand and remember,
For those who are gone,
And those who were heroes,
And those who were cruel,
All on 9-11.

9-11 by EternaLegendSeptember 11th by guffyTribute in Light 2007 by SilentEchoDesigns9-11 Tribute by emizael

9-11 - The day I died insideThis morning I awoke with tears in my eyes
But I knew that it came with no surprise
The first thing my eyes saw was the sunless day
Then a plane in a building in a gruesome way
I stood up with more tears down my cheeks
Then I couldn't see the building's tattered peeks
I sighed and I rushed to a room full of fear
I thought that the last day of the world was near
Despite all the wrong in the world, there was school
But i couldn't go now, I was no fool
My heart raced as i stepped in open air
I couldn't breathe, the air was tainted with despair
I arrived at the sanctuary but to my surprise
the leaders and the children were immune to the rise
of evil and of hatred; the people were dying
I'd never forget that night, i sat up the whole night crying
All of a sudden we heard planes and I looked up high above
My eyes were wide with tears and my heart was out of love
My mother pulled me back right into our car
and she drove us off as fast as my heart beat; right on par
I bent down in pain and i c
Hey, 9-11Hey, 9/11
2001 – 4 years old
Hey, 9/11, today there was a plane crash in New York. There was a lot of smoke and dust and fire. The towers looked so tall before they fell. There were so many people screaming on TV.  I learned, later, that many people had died. They did not tell me why, though. I can hear my mom crying in the other room. Dad looks angry. I don't understand.
2006 – 9 Years old
Hey, 9/11, today I learned that terrorists had taken over the planes that had crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. I learned that the people died because of the terrorists. I'm not really sure what a terrorist is, but it's probably someone really bad. We watched a video of the plane crash. I remember seeing it before. It looks different, since I'm a bit older. I still don't understand.
2011 – 14 Years old
Hey, 9/11, today, I woke up and I realized, 'oh, today's 9/11'.  In school, I learned that the Al – Qaeda group had hijacked 4 planes and crashed them i
RememberingI can't say I know what it felt like that day, I was only five.
But I have looked at these pictures, poems, shorts, videos.
I've seen the faces on the TV, missing the people they lost.
I've read books written in memory, or just about that event that
changed our country forever,
And I can't believe the terror or pain I feel while reading,
Or watching
I don't know how any of our heroes went into that,
knowing they'd never make it back out,
to save the others inside.
And I've got to say,
Thank God they were there.
I remember them, even if I don't remember that day.
And I will always.
And I've got to say,
Still why,
for the terrorism,
for the deaths,
for the losses.
And I've got to say,
To all of you who did lose someone
On that day almost ten years ago,
I can't imagine it,
And I sure can't say 'I understand',
because I don't.
Finally, I've got to say,
I'm proud
Of my [our] country.
Not for the war they started almost immediately afterward,
But for not crumbling,
9-11 tributeThey are gone from the land,
we will see them no longer,
to a place where the fearless ones go.
In the valley of noonshades,
they will meet there to wander,
where the tranquil blue waters do flow.
Their brave memory will rest with us all,
through the flowers so dear,
through the winter's cold wind, after autumn leaves fall,
lives a home in our hearts for them here.
Their brave lives were lost in the service of others
they died so that we might live free.
O ye sad grieving friends, O ye fathers and mothers,
spare a tear as the sun meets the sea.

Dedicated to those who fell and to those who carry on
An Avatar Tribute by RoseSagae

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#Holidays 9-11 tribute; Art & Literature feature with a short background about what happend on this day, for those of you who are too young to remember or to know). America was under attack, but in hindsight it was an attack on every nation living in peace. This day did not only change America, it changed the world.

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